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Parish Reorganization to Achieve Financial Stability

I discovered shortly as I arrived as pastor to St. Andrew Parish, that the parish has been running at a deficit for several years.  After meeting with the parish Finance Council and Pastoral Council, I have decided that the only way to address this ongoing financial problem is to begin a full reorganization of our parish.

This being said, I had to drastically address the parish payroll.  I have discharged all full time employees, combined employee roles, and will only have a part time staff beginning on May 1, 2020.  This move, as unpleasant as it has been, will allow us to greatly lower payroll and eliminate the parish payment of full time employee benefit plans.

I have hired a part time Pastoral Associate who will oversee the parish administrative positions of Administrative Assistant and Director of Religious Formation.  I have also hired a part time bookkeeper who will oversee and reconstruct our finances so that we can pay our bills and begin to rebuild a parish savings account.  The two new employees both come to us with years of experience in their fields.

This change will mean an adjustment in the hours of our parish office.  As of May 1, the parish office will be opened from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, for all regular parish business, the office will be closed on Friday. Religious Formation class time will remain the same.  If you need to reach us in an emergency, your call will be forwarded to the phone of the Pastor or Pastoral Associate so that we can be available to you when you need us. 

I ask you for your support and understanding as we, together as a parish, join to help our parish reach the time when our parish has paid off all of our accumulated debt and we can move forward as financially stable.

Fr. Milan

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